Welcome to the SET O.P.S (Operations Performance System). This new SET system is a cloud based program that provides a few immediate solutions while positioning SET to provide our Teams and customers with new applications for the future.

Documents This houses SET Announcements , Instructions, Policies, Procedures, Best Practices and KPI reporting for our Divisions performance. We will continue to add to this document repository as we standardize our processes.
Vehicles This houses the Maintenance and DVIR (Drive Vehicle Inspection Report) for all our vehicles. Roll out will begin in September 2016 with complete implementation to all SET Operations divisions by end of year.
Web Forms These are web based forms that can be accessed by users utilizing any web based enabled devices (phones, tablets and laptops). Entries are seamlessly stored in our database and able to be accessed for editing or reporting.
Training This houses the SET Train Force program where training completion and due dates are available along with certificates.  Managed by the Safety group to keep training records current and available for employees to view.  This is the replacement for the old Train Trak system.


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